The factory, founded in 1978, realized a thirty-years' experience and specialization in building of soles for woman, men and child shoes. and particularly, in realization of finished mono blocks and single soles.

We make use of the better tanneries to obtain the greatest product quality and keep a rigorous verification on all the productive process.

The relationship with our clients, including some prestigious fashion names, is founded on a trust consolidated by years of professional collaboration and is guaranteed by the experience, correctness and quickness of response provided by our little but dynamic productive structure.

On demand, our factory provides cost estimates and samples in very short time and without any obligation.
Particular and personalized injections in TPU rubber can be realized on soles building.

The heels bandaging and the wedges for woman shoes can be realized by leather or skin, with or without soles application to build complete mono blocks.

The realizations of soles for men shoes are possible with flexible and impermeable leather, with thickness more then six mm, for sewing with workmanship crenated or with small canals.

Alternately, soles can be realized with any kind of synthetic material (rubber, thunit, microlite, microporose etc.)


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